AT&T Manhattan Investor Conference (T)

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Those of you interested in AT&T should check out this monster 169 page presentation (.pdf) made yesterday at their analyst conference.

The specifics on Project Lightspeed can be found on pages 86 - 113.


* Homes Passed in 2006, 2007, 2008 - 3M, 9M, 18M
* $4.4B in capex to reach all 18M customers
* $700M in annual Opex savings (huh?)
* Only 6% of revenue at risk due to cable telephony (pg 123)

I have a hard time buying the reductions in opex. The reality is AT&T is going to have MORE, not less hardware in the field that can break. This is where the FiOS all optical approach really shines ( ha ha -rimshot-).