Why The iPod Won't Be Dethroned (AAPL)

| About: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Following up on our post that Microsoft's SideShow may be an iPod-killer -- three responses in Apple's favor:

● Comment from CESB reader 'iSync', rejecting that prediction:

Q: How many accessories can you get for the iPod compared to the total number of accessories you can get for every other iPod competitor combined?

A: There are more than 2000 iPod accessories at last count. [Ed: See today's NY Times article on The iPod Ecosystem.] If you bought a $400 speaker set from Bose, a $50 FM tuner, and $35 leather case that is all proprietary to the iPod, what are the chances you are going to ditch the iPod and the Bose gear just to get the “openness