Commodity Chart Of The Day: Lean Hogs

Includes: UBC
by: Matthew Bradbard

Commodity Chart of the day

Daily Lean hogs

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In less than one month lean hog prices have gone from oversold to overbought. Lena hogs are on a short list of commodities that have been able to trade higher in recent weeks. From my stance the fact that prices have been unable to make it to higher ground and perhaps outside market influence I suspect prices are due for a correction.

Lean hogs are a 40,000 lb. contract which means every penny move in the futures results in a $400/move gain/loss per contract. Aggressive traders can get short or gain bearish exposure with an exit strategy if futures trade above 84.00 looking to capitalize on deprecation in the coming days to week. I would expect more selling once prices close below the 9 day MA which has supported for the last 2 weeks. My target is a trade back to 80.00 in the October contract. What makes this compelling is the risk to reward dynamic.

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