Three China Stocks to Watch This Week

 |  Includes: CPBY, EESC, SOBM.OB
by: China OTC Player

1) The share price of Eastern Environment Solutions (OTCPK:EESC) jumped over 35% this week, with no news whatsoever from the company. I know that the EESC's operations have been suspended since June 2007, potentially for a period of up to nine months, with little effect to its revenue inflow (due to compensatory income). Is this suspension over, and is the company now starting to earn "real" revenues?

2) Dutton Associates released a research report on Sinobiomed (OTC:SOBM.OB) this past week with a 12-month target of $5.13. This is derived from a so-called "conservative" P/E multiple of 15x on an estimated 2009 EPS of $0.34. I hardly find this conservative, given that the same report expects the company to barely achieve profitability in 2008. Isn't it completely pie in the sky to expect such a valuation when a comparable stock like, say, Benda Pharma (OTC:BPMA) is trading at just 10x 2008 earnings?

3) China Public Security Technology (CPBY) is about to change its name to China Information Security Technology, to better reflect its move into enterprise deployment of security information systems and geographic information system ("GIS"). At the same time, the company announced that it has just acquired a majority interest in GIS firm Wuda Geoinformatics. Since the announcements, CPBY's shares have lost almost 20% of its value. Are the company's shareholders totally unimpressed by all this news, or did CPBY make a misstep at the Roth Capital Conference where it presented on Tuesday?

My Position: None.