Jim Cramer's Mad Money In-Depth, 2/26/08: Feast in a Famine

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed in the in-depth session of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money TV program, Tuesday February 26. Click on a stock ticker for more analysis:

Mosaic (NYSE:MOS), Agrium (NYSE:AGU) Potash (NYSE:POT), Monsanto (NYSE:MON), Deere (NYSE:DE)

It is no secret Cramer has been behind ag stocks, but his reasons have changed. Some may be giving up on the sector because of news of Cargill’s cancellation of a huge ethanol plant, but Cramer would use any selloff to buy ag stocks because of global food shortages and rationing that has led to riots in some countries. Ag stocks have already grown tremendously since Cramer first recommended them: (Mosaic is up 80%, Agrium is up 250%, Potash is up 100%, Monsanto is up 220% and Deere is up 150%), and he called these stocks his “fabulous five.” His favorite of the group is Mosiac.

CEO Interview, Michael Johnson, Herbalife (NYSE:HLF)

Cramer commended Michael Johnson for a previous appearance Johnson made while Herbalife was stuck in a “trifecta of negativity.” Recent earnings show the company is “blowing the doors out of the joint” thanks to 29% growth in U.S, Taiwan and Italy, 50% in South America and a 146% jump in China. Johnson says his secret lies in his motivated work force and great product He denies that HLF is a good stock just in a decline, but is faring well both in bullish and bearish times. Cramer was enthusiastic about Johnson and exclaimed, “You are a good man! You are a moneymaker! Money!... Money!... You're looking at it...”

Telkom Indonesia (NYSE:TLK)

Cramer’s next emerging market wireless stock is TLK, which owns 50% of wired and wireless phone service in Indonesia, which has the fourth highest population in the world. Since only 40% of Indonesians have cell phones, growth potential is great. The company is valued at a mere 13 times earnings in spite of a 21% growth rate and has a 2.6% dividend yield. Indonesian phones are under-utilized since thrifty Indonesians use fewer minutes than their Asian counterparts because of the high rates. Increased competition will not hurt TLK, but will lower prices and encourage users to make longer phone calls and buy more phones.

CEO Interview: Ray Milchovich, Foster Wheeler (FWLT)

Until now, FWLT has been a major Mad Money winner, but it declined terribly after a huge earnings miss. Milchovich defended the company’s policy of not pre-announcing earnings and said the 2008 outlook has not changed. While he said gross margins are sustainable, Milchovich did not predict gross margin growth in the coming year. The CEO cited the company’s past recovery after a lackluster second quarter and is confident FWLT will bounce back again. He urged investors to pay attention to FWLT’s overall picture; It had record year, its earnings are up 50% over 2006, its backlog is up 30% and it is sitting on a lot of cash. Cramer warned of downgrades in the next few days, but would hold the stock and perhaps buy more on decline. However, he added he doesn’t blame anyone who would prefer to walk away.

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