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The bi-monthly short interest numbers were recently released, and below we highlight stocks with the biggest one-month increases and decreases in short interest as well as the stocks with the highest and lowest short interest as a percentage of float.  We also provide each stock's year to date percent change to show whether or not the shorts are winning or losing.  Over the last month, DLB, ATO, UNM and FWLT saw the biggest increases in short interest, but none of them currently have a high short interest as a percentage of float.  AIZ, FCS, ABI and GR saw the biggest one-month decreases in short interest.

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NTRI continues to top the list of stocks with the highest short interest as a percentage of equity float.  Currently, 77.34% of the stock's shares are sold short.  And like ants on an insect, the shorts are winning -- driving the shares down 43.81% year to date.  NTRI is trailed by IMB, ABK, JOE and VMW.


Source: Stocks with Biggest Change in Short Interest