Cisco's Chambers Focused on India; China No Longer the Place to Be? (CSCO)

| About: Cisco Systems, (CSCO)

From Cisco Systems' (ticker: CSCO) Q2 2006 earnings conference call:

John Chambers, President and Chief Executive Officer

Next, while many of our peers are focusing on China, we are just venturing in a meaningful way into India, we’re moving across to the other emerging markets. We have already positioned ourselves very well in both India and China, both from a business results as you heard earlier, and a competitive advantage perspective. At the World Economic Forum, government leaders from emerging new countries such as Africa, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt and others are gaining an increased understanding of the unique advantages Cisco can bring to their countries, permitting government, service provider, industry vertical, education and healthcare perspective.

Full CSCO conference call transcript here.