Mark Cuban Asks An Interesting Question on Foreign Investments

by: The Stalwart

No, that headline isn't meant to be sarcastic or facetious. I've outgrown my negative attitude towards Mark Cuban, or, more accurately, I'm just indifferent now.

But anyway, to his question: When Will Foreign Ownership of US Sports Teams Start?

A quick trip to NYC to shop for currency-induced bargains need not stop on 5th or Madison Ave. It is just a matter of time, and maybe not much of it, before we start to see our sports teams gobbled up. With the international flavor of both the NHL and NBA, is there a better way to "mainstream" a person, product or service into the US than through the purchase of a sports franchise?

With the lack of Salary Cap of MLB, why couldn't or wouldn't an ultra Wealthy (as in guys or girls who make me look poor) Sports Fan take advantage of the fall in the value of the dollar and come in and buy an Iconic or even mid market franchise and spend spend spend?

With the price of NFL franchises now past a billion dollars with half the Dolphins apparently selling for more than 550mm, how many individuals in this country that don't already own a franchise can actually afford to buy an NFL team?

If you think about it, this really does seem like a mater of if, not when.

But imagine if, say, some investor from Dubai decided to buy the Cubs or some other team like that. You'd have serious congressional hearings guaranteed. Think of the uproar when the Chinese buy a 10 percent stake in a Wall St. bank and multiply that by 10x. For the sake of their anti-trust exemption, the MLB would have to find a way to block that.