Ethanol Update: Crush Spread Plunges, Bush Expresses Concern

 |  Includes: ADM, ANDE, AVR, PEIX, VSUNQ, XNL
by: Konrad Imielinski

Here are today's biggest stories surrounding the sector:

- The combination of March corn climbing 14 cents and March ethanol falling 4.6 cents caused ethanol's crush spread to drop 27 cents today to $1.02. Corn prices shot up as a result of oil's $5 run.

- Investors will be pleased to hear that President Bush renewed his support for ethanol today at the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference. Below is what he had to say:

"The vast majority of [our] ethanol is coming from corn, and that's good. That's good if you're a corn-grower. And it's good if you're worried about national security...Corn ethanol holds a lot of promise, but there's a lot of challenges. If you're a hog-raiser in the United States, you're beginning to worry about the cost of corn to feed your animals. I'm beginning to hear complaints from our cattlemen about the high price of corn. The high price of corn is beginning to affect the price of food...I look forward to the day when people in the parts of our country that have got a lot of forests are able to convert wood chips into fuel...The job of the federal government is to expedite [this] arrival."

Wow! Bush is finally expressing concern over corn-ethanol. That took him a while.