A Solution for eBay and Its Frustrated Seller Community

| About: eBay Inc. (EBAY)

Not a day passes by without word spreading of another eBay seller boycott. If you were truly to believe each seller, eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) is the most evil of all companies. There is never a word of praise for the company that made them what they are today. Before eBay existed, these sellers were likely selling their wares at various markets throughout the United States. Yes, they would freeze on cold days and sizzle on those days that were scorchers. If they sold their wares through trade shows, etc, they would pay steep fees. Then along came eBay and turned them all into instant business gurus. The sellers started to whine with each seller increase, albeit it a few cents there a few cents here. These sellers lambasted eBay. "How dare such a company take food from our table" was their common mantra. Little did they see the improvements on the site.

For example, eBay purchased PayPal, which made it easier for buyers to pay with credit cards and thus these buyers made more purchases. eBay purchased Shopping.com to draw more eyes toward eBay's seller's wares. eBay even started up a free classified listing sites in the U.S. called Kijiji for all of those sellers who would like to list for free. Yet all these moves are still not enough. eBay announced earlier this year that they were going to reduce fees, but the sellers are still not satisfied. It has reached a point that these sellers will always whine and complain.

I have come up with a simple solution that will make both the seller community and eBay happy. eBay can post a link on their website with the following info: "For all of those sellers who are upset with eBay, please click on this link and complete the following to be removed permanently from our site. We understand the difficulty you are experiencing. We tried to satisfy your needs to no avail. If after leaving the site you continue to harass us through vile messages, threats etc, a restraining order will be put into place. If you have had a change of heart and decide to come back, you would have to go through an appeal process that may take up to two years. We understand your complaints and are satisfying your request."

There you have it. Simple, indeed. A way to satisfy both eBay and the sellers.

Did you know that Channel Advisor did away with their lifetime guarantee of 120 per year to subscribers of their service and are forcing their loyal subscribers to pay $29.95 per month? How is that for price gouging? How about your local gym membership charging $200 extra per year to sign up? Have the prices in your local supermarket changed this year? How about your transportation costs? Movie tickets? Sports Venues? If you are a whiny eBay seller, put all of those costs into perspective and you will see how ridiculous your complaints truly are.

I have been a seller on eBay since its inception and have never complained about a fee increase since I realize eBay is still and will always be the #1 place for e-commerce. Period.

Disclosure: Author has a long position in EBAY