Borders "Faces" Higher Sales

Mar. 9.08 | About: Borders Group, (BGPIQ)

It is amazing how the smallest little thing can make such a huge difference in retail. Borders CEO George Jones gave an interview March 5th and spoke about his companies new concept.

Despite the fact that the store has 20% fewer books in its inventory, sales at the location are up by double digits. The reason? Rather than having books aligned on the shelves with the spine facing out, Borders is stocking the shelves of the new concept store with the face of the book facing out. A minor change making a huge difference.

Now, the inventory issue is not an alarming one. The majority of the titles affected by the cutback are currently selling less than one book per month at each location. Customers will still be able to get these titles from in-store kiosks that will deliver the book to the store for either pick-up or delivery. This is much like Wal-Mart's current "site to store" program that has been so successful.

Borders reports on the 19th and the commentary on the new concept will be much listened to...

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