Will Multimedia Games Continue Rallying Higher?

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One of the best performing stocks in the video game industry today is Multimedia Games (NASDAQ:MGAM), a big contributor to casinos and state lotteries. According to several measures, MGAM stock still appears undervalued, even after rising almost 19% this quarter. Let's take a closer look.

Texas-based Multimedia Games provides Native American tribes, charity markets, and in-state and international lottery markets with casino gaming technology. According to the company's website, Multimedia Games is currently focused on:

diversifying into new markets, strengthening its strategic alliances, and pursuing dynamic opportunities worldwide.

As of Monday, MGAM stock is rallying above its 20-day, 50-day, and 200-day moving averages, and its price multiples indicate it may have farther to climb. PEG at 0.69, P/FCF at 11.92. TTM P/E at 20.48 vs. 31.66 for its industry's average.

Multimedia Games saw an impressive fiscal second quarter this year, reporting over 31% growth in sales and 5 times the earnings from the prior-year comparable period. On the downside, EPS is expected to fall 27% over the next year according to Fidelity, likely due to the latest supernormal earnings growth the company has seen. 5-year projected EPS growth stands at 30%.

Hedge funds stand behind MGAM stock, as they bought a big chunk of its share float last quarter. Net institutional purchases in the latest quarter at 2.2M shares, which represents about 8.18% of the company's float of 26.90M shares.

Sales trends also appear strong for Multimedia Games when looking at their accounts receivable: Revenue grew by 31.2% during the most recent quarter ($39.53M vs. $30.13M y/y). Accounts receivable fell by 38.24% during the same time period ($29.06M vs. $47.05M y/y). Receivables, as a percentage of current assets, decreased from 56.63% to 29.27% during the most recent quarter (comparing 3 months ending 2012-03-31 to 3 months ending 2011-03-31).

To top it off, they appear to have a pretty clean balance sheet, with a current ratio above 3, quick ratio at 2.92, and total debt to equity at 0.27.

For all the reasons above, I believe MGAM stock appears poised to continue outperforming, even with current market volatility.

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*Written by Alexander Crawford. Price multiple data and institutional data sourced from Fidelity, accounting data sourced from Google Finance.

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