The Chinese Exercise Their Right to Vote? (OMC)

Feb.16.06 | About: Omnicom Group (OMC)

Omnicom Group (ticker: OMC), which provides advertising, marketing, and corporate communications services worldwide, reported Q4 2005 earnings results this week. President and CEO John D. Wren had the following to say during management's conference call with analysts:

In addition, over the course of the year we further increased our investment in our training programs, and as we previously announced, we significantly ramped up our investment in developing our business in both China and India.

Recently China, which doesn’t allow people to vote, has a show which is similar to American Idol where I think something like a 110 million Chinese use their cell phones to vote for the first time. That has – that’s very interesting from an advertising and marketing point of view, it’s extraordinarily interesting, but it’s also probably interesting from a political point of view as you move forward.

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