Gol Revolutionizes South American Travel (GOL)

| About: GOL Linhas (GOL)

Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes (NYSE:GOL) is on an absolute tear today. Again. GOL is the most profitable public airline in the world, to my knowledge, and it is revolutionizing South American travel with its low cost model -- borrowed liberally from the giants like Southwest, JetBlue, Ryanair, etc.

Trading at a PE in the mid-20s, GOL is fairly expensive for a Brazilian stock -- but it's growing at well over 50% a year and still building out with massive plane orders in place, and they're just starting to tap into debt financing. Big news lately is that GOL is partnering to bring its model to Mexico -- thankfully at a relatively small risk, since that low cost market will be much more competitive with established providers already flying -- and that GOL is continuing to expand its footprint step by step across the South American continent.

They added routes to Bolivia several months ago ... then Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina were announced in just the last month.