Brazilian Airline Gol is Flying High (GOL)

| About: GOL Linhas (GOL)

Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes (NYSE:GOL) is currently one of my favorite companies and one that I think has tremendous growth potential that is just beginning to gather the attention of the US investing cognoscenti.

Not a lot of big news lately from Brazil, but the shares have been bumping up and down with the currency and what news there has been has been positive -- their monthly traffic numbers for January looked great as always, gradually increasing their international routes and still doing great with their core domestic operations.

And, they have introduced a new service -- may or may not come to much, but it is a nice way to leverage their infrastructure. They're now shipping small packages for people on their flights, and while I have no way of knowing whether that will appeal to Brazilian customers or what the competition is like I certainly like that it's a relatively low cost way of trying to expand their business -- and if there's one thing I trust this management to do, it's keep costs low while they experiment.

I was pleased to see GOL increase their guidance for 2006 a while back, but I still expect that the guidance they're giving is quite conservative -- looking forward to seeing what they say in their next conference call.