Notes from Davos on China's Economic Future (RTP)

| About: Rio Tinto (RIO)

From mining company Rio Tinto's (ticker: RTP) Q4 2005 earnings conference call:

CFO Guy Elliot

If I could just add briefly, I had the opportunity last week with the Davos meeting to hear one of the Chinese Vice-premiers who is responsible for the economy and who has been responsible for putting together the new 5 year plan for China, which will be published in March, and I have to say which is one of the most clear confident and convincing presentations of the business plan if you like with, that I heard in some while and our view remains strongly net positive towards the developments of the Chinese economy with a progressive movement from investment as the meeting component towards consumption, and while we not at all complacent. I think we remain very confident of the way in which China will develop as a market for our products.

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