6 Equity ETFs Working Well Now

 |  Includes: FDL, IBB, PFF, PGF, PGX, XBI
by: StopAlerts

We did a very simple screen today and found only six equity ETFs working well at this time, and only from three categories: preferreds, biotech, and dividends.

They are:

  • PFF (pfd stocks) 6.02% yield
  • PGX (pfd stocks) 6.57% yield
  • PGF (pfd stocks) 6.93% yield
  • IBB (biotech stocks) 0.03% yield
  • XBI (biotech stocks) 0.00% yield
  • FDL (dividend stocks) 3.46% yield

Here is the screen using StockCharts.com:

  • StockCharts technical rating >90 on scale of 100
  • price > 21-day average
  • 21-day average > 63-day average
  • 63-day average > 126-day average
  • 126-day average > 252-day average
  • 252-day slope > 0
  • yesterday dollar volume per minute > $10,000
  • type = equity

Here are the weekly one-year charts expressed in percentage terms with the Russell 1000 ETF (NYSEARCA:IWB) as a control:


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Disclosure: QVM has positions in PFF as of the creation date of this article (June 27, 2012).

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