4 Reasons To Grab Deere On The Cheap

Jun.29.12 | About: Deere & (DE)

In the recent flight to "safe" investments, a lot of solid companies with strong growth have sold off. These companies still have very strong fundamentals, and as such, companies with a lot of growth potential can often be obtained for a very reasonable valuation.

One such company is Deere & Company (NYSE:DE). Deere is fairly well known in suburbia for their solid lawnmowers, but in fact, they make many other types of agricultural machinery.

Reasons To Like Deere

1: Cheap Valuation

As mentioned in the intro, many companies have been unfairly beaten down due to broad market selloffs. Deere is one such company, with a P/E well below the market average of ~15.5. The P/E is near the bottom of Deere's 5-year average P/E trading range, suggesting that the stock has potential for significant appreciation.

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2: Growth Prospects

Cheap valuation means nothing if the stock is valued cheaply because it's going down the drain. Deere doesn't have this problem. Projected long term EPS growth is 12.25% annually, and if the economy kicks off, this figure may well increase. Despite lack of incentive right now for a lot of users to replace old equipment, Deere's been doing well. Year-on-year EPS growth on a TTM (trailing twelve months) basis is a solid 23.84%. EPS growth for the past five years has been 16.57%, well above the machinery industry average of 7.75%.

3: Good Debt Management

While Deere does use a significant amount of debt to fund growth, analysts like the way Deere is managing this debt. Currently, Deere is refinancing a lot of debt due to historically low interest rates. From Businessweek on 6/26/12:

"They [Deere] had a lot of debt maturing in the next couple of years and should the market freeze like it did a few years ago, then it would be a problem," Jody Lurie, a corporate credit analyst at Janney Montgomery Scott LLC, said in a telephone interview. "What better time to issue than when the market is offering such low rates."

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4: Strong Dividend

Some investors focus on growth, and some investors focus on dividends. Every investor likes stocks that offer both. Deere does this, with a solid history of dividend increases. Deere's current dividend yield is a solid 2.35%, and the company's policy of routinely increasing dividends means that yield-on-cost will most likely increase in the years to come.

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Conclusion: Cheap Growth With Deere

Deere's dividend combined with its growth prospects make it an ideal candidate for a DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan) investment. With growth available at a cheap price by historical valuation standards, Deere might be worth a look.

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