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There are 4 single country stock funds with a rating of 50 or more on a 100 point scale by the StockCharts technical rating, that have a 3-month average per minute trading volume of $10,000 or more, and that have a trailing yield of 3% or more.

They are:

Hong Kong and Singapore are regional financial centers. Malaysia is an important assembly stage manufactured goods exporter. Sweden has more emphasis on capital goods export.

The yield and per minute dollar trading volume are (data as of June 28):


Four important chart ratios are shown in this table: (1) the ratio of the price to the 50-day simple moving average, (2) the ratio of the 50-day to the 200-day, (3) the ratio of the price to the 200-day, and (4) the position of the price within the 52-week high to low range (data as of June 28).

P/50 SMA0.980.990.970.960.97
50 SMA/200 SMA0.980.990.970.940.96
P/200 SMA0.960.980.940.900.92
52 Wk Position0.320.560.420.250.31

Some of the valuation multiples are:

P/E estP/CFP/B

Monthly charts (5-years), weekly charts (1-year) and daily charts (3-months) for those 4 funds versus a world stock index (proxy VT) and the US stocks market (proxy VTI) are provided below.

Over 5 years, only Sweden underperformed the world and US index. Over 1 year, all underperformed the US and all except Malaysia underperformed the world index. Over 3 months, all but Malaysia outperformed the US and the world index.

5 Years

(click to enlarge)

1 Year

(click to enlarge)

3 Months

(click to enlarge)

Malaysia seems to be the stronger market generally, but the relief rally in the other country ETFs today (June 29) presumably due to another stop gap measure in Europe shows how much markets "want" to go up if Europe would just stop falling apart - not yet likely soon.

Disclosure: QVM has no positions in any mentioned security as of the creation date of this article (June 29, 2012).

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