Tuesday Pre-market US: Key News & Data

by: Between the Hedges

From Between the Hedges:

Weekend Headlines

- The United Arab Emirates reassured US senators that Dubai’s takeover of the US port assets of Peninsula & Oriental Steam Navigation Co. is not a threat to national security.
- NBC Universal, the no. 3 US network, may be forced to give advertisers free or discounted air time to make up for low viewership after its Olympic coverage twice failed to gain top ratings this week.
- Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala Development Co. will partner with Dubai Aluminum Co. Ltd. to build the world’s largest aluminum plan for $6 billion.
- Pakistani cleric Mohammed Yousaf Qureshi offered a $1 million bounty to 1,000 people for killing the Denmark cartoonist who drew caricatures of the prophet Mohammad.
- Harvard University President Lawrence Summers may be on the way out, as the governing board considers calls for his resignation.
- The virus that causes bird flu hasn’t become more easily transmissible to humans as the disease spreads in birds across Europe, the World Health Organization said.
- President Bush said the US needs to reduce crude oil imports and diversify its energy consumption so the world’s largest economy isn’t “held hostage