VMware Reaches $110 Teaming Up With Nimble To Secure The Mobile Desktop

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VMware (NYSE:VMW), the leading virtualization company, which is at the forefront of mobile virtual desktops and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) revolution, announced that Nimble's hybrid hard disk drive (HDD) and flash storage arrays have been officially certified as VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop architecture that will enable Nimble to provide storage for users who want to deploy mobile virtual desktops. The key to mobile virtual desktop interface, often called VDI, is responsiveness and Nimble VDI has a hybrid architecture with both traditional HDD and flash storage, giving it high performance and responsiveness while keeping costs down.

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The BYOD Revolution

VMware is the top player in the virtualization market and is looking to lead the BYOD revolution by introducing the VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop to provide a safe and secure environment for mobile virtualization. One of the biggest challenges to the success of a virtual desktop network is the storage performance. Flash storage is relatively more expensive than the traditional hard disk drives, but performs much better due to reduced latency between the request for data and data retrieval. Virtualization can fail if latency is too high and data retrievals take too long, and this is where the hybrid architecture of Nimble comes into play. The majority of the data is stored in traditional disk drives and critical or 'hot' data is stored in flash memory, enabling Nimble to provide high performance as well as low cost storage.

VMware will partner with Nimble and deploy virtual mobile desktops which will enable employees to access company data securely through virtual snapshots, irrespective of the device used. Nimble uses an architecture called the Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (OTCQB:CASL) that uses inline compression to compress virtual desktop data ~40 to ~50 percent without increasing its latency.

Currently, virtualization software constitutes ~90% of our current Trefis price estimate for VMware. In scenarios where mobile virtual desktops enables VMware's to maintain a higher market than we currently forecast reaching around ~45% by the end of our forecast period, we can expect an upside of ~10% to our current Trefis Price Estimate.

We have a $109 Trefis price estimate for VMware, which is ~25% above the current market price.

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