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In a 13D filing on Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust (NYSE:RPT), The Inland Group (NYSE:IRC) disclosed a 5.6% stake (1,038,537 shares) in the company. Inland said they may acquire additional shares in a cash tender offer or exchange offer, propose a merger, and seek board representation.

From the Filing:

Inland American and Adviser have also considered, on a preliminary basis, various courses of action with respect to the Company, including: (i) causing Inland American, or a subsidiary or affiliate thereof, to acquire additional Shares in a cash tender offer or exchange offer; (ii) proposing a merger or sale or similar transaction between Inland American, or an affiliate of Inland American, and the Company; and (iii) seeking representation on the Company's board of directors. Inland American and Adviser have not reached any conclusion as to any of the foregoing alternatives.