This Earnings Season at Seeking Alpha

by: Mick Weinstein

Here's a quick preview of what to expect on Seeking Alpha this earnings season:

  • Expanded Contributor Coverage. Coverage of earnings by our contributors should be particularly strong this time around. The cumulative number of contributors to Seeking Alpha surpassed 1,300 in March. Over 100 new contributors joined SA each month in January, February and March, while fewer than ten regular contributors chose to cease publishing on SA during the quarter. This huge contributor base means we can cover a large number of stocks while, as always, filtering for editorial quality. In addition, some high profile authors and media outlets are now SA contributors. (We're pleasantly surprised by this, as we assumed that Seeking Alpha works best for authors who want exposure for their ideas, careers and businesses, rather than professional journalists and publishers.)
  • Expanded Transcript Coverage. We've expanded our target coverage of conference call transcripts to 3,000 this quarter.
  • Faster Publishing. We've expanded our editorial team -- currently 16 -- into new time zones to ensure timely publishing of articles, including after market close, so we should have insightful investors' perspectives on earnings soon after companies report.
  • Broader News Coverage. Our editorial team produces Wall Street Breakfast, a daily one page summary of the news, Under the Radar News, covering less obvious stories, and summaries of Barron's, Jim Cramer and the Housing Market.
  • Improved Search. We've upgraded our search to Google Custom Search, allowing for improved search and filtering of results by contributors' articles or transcripts. We've also rolled out in-transcript search. More on how to use search here, and from Dominic Jones.
  • Better Site Performance. We've dramatically upgraded our site performance by moving our server farm to Engine Yard.
  • Improved Email Delivery. We've upgraded our email delivery system so that all email alerts now arrive well before market open.
  • Better Access to Comments. Our new forums enable you to view comments by stock ticker, and quickly engage in discussion. Here, for example, is the Forum for Google stock.

Wishing you a successful and profitable earnings season,

Mick Weinstein, Editor in Chief