U.S. 2008 GDP Growth Estimate Ranks 177 Out of 181 by IMF

Includes: DIA, IEF, IVV, QQQ, SPY
by: Bespoke Investment Group

The International Monetary Fund recently published their World Economic Outlook. The IMF has done a great job making their website much more interactive, and they now offer their Data Mapper that maps out their global estimates for a number of economic indicators. Below is a screenshot of the Data Mapper showing the IMF's estimates for 2008 GDP growth across the globe. Check out the Mapper here.

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As shown in the map, the IMF is expecting the US to be one of the slowest growing countries in 2008. When we downloaded a full list of their 2008 YoY GDP Growth estimates, we found that the US ranks 177th out of 181 countries. Below is a chart of the ten countries with the lowest 2008 GDP growth estimates (local currency) based on the IMF's forecasts.