Nomura Plans to Increase Year-end Dividend by 260% (NMR)

Mar. 3.06 | About: Nomura Holdings, (NMR)

Nomura Holdings (NMR) announced today that it plans to up its year-end dividend from 10 yen to 36 yen payable to all shareholders of record as of March 31, 2006 for the fiscal year ending on the same date. Nomura also paid an interim dividend of 12 yen, bringing its annual dividend payout to 48 yen for a 140% increase over last year.

Nomura also announced today a realignment to its operating structure in which its current list of 32 executive officers will be cut to 11. In its press release, Nomura said the changes that will take effect April 1st will give it "more flexibility to build up its business portfolio through actively investing in new areas. Nomura is also aiming to accelerate its drive to maximize synergies across the group."

Links to Nomura's press releases: (1) year-end dividend increase, (2) realignment of operating structure

Nomura's ordinary shares traded in Tokyo (ticker: 8604) closed down 0.45% at 2,205 yen ahead of the press releases.

NMR 1-yr chart: