4 Short-Squeeze Prospects to Watch this Week

by: Data Explorers

TheStreet.com has published its Short-Squeeze stocks of the week, and among them is LIN TV (TVL), the television and digital media company.

LIN reported a year-end quarter increase in net income of 168% on a 15% dip in revenue. LIN currently has 4.95% of its Market Cap on Loan (%MCOL) to investors, and in the past fortnight this has decreased from 5.5%, as the price rebounded (and has since dropped off slightly).

Shorts were mostly covered from April 11th, when the %MCOL decreased from 5.4% to 4.6% in three days, and the price increased from 9.6USD to 10.5USD in the same timeframe. For those investors wishing to buy back shares, the Days to Cover (short interest ratio) has increased from 18 days on March 21st, to 42 days Wednesday.

Next is Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (GAP), whose %MCOL has decreased from 8.5% to 6% since March 21st, and the price then rebounded on April 13th; from 24USD to 25USD. Utilisation decreased from 50% on March 21st, to 36% Wednesday. The Days to Cover has increased from 10.5 days to 14.5 days since April 9th.

Ultra Petroleum (UPL) saw a sharp decline in its %MCOL April 15th, from 3.4% then to 2.2% today. The share price has risen from 72USD on March 21st to 87USD Wednesday.

Skillsoft's (SKIL) price started to rise on April 17th, from 9.3USD to 9.9USD Wednesday. The %MCOL has started to decrease, from 2.2% to 1.9% in the same timeframe.