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After recognizing a rough triple in share price in just months, shares of Implant Sciences (OTCQB:IMSC) had recently given up some of those gains as the traders and profit takers exited the stock, but shares rebounded by five percent on Monday morning after the company's a news report by WCVB in Boston highlighted the company's ongoing developments and the potential for the company to launch to the forefront of the explosive trace detection (ETD) arena, notably in terms of airport security.

The cameras rolled inside of Implant's production facility where employees were piecing together new and already "sold" units of the Quantum Sniffer (QS) products, destined for delivery to any of the recent customers who placed orders. Reporters also highlighted the ongoing TSA review that - if the outcome is affirmative - could significantly boost sales over the next few months. As noted by the report - and previous discussions we've had regarding this company - a TSA approval would allow the QS product line to be sold to government entities within the United States, but also to other entities, both public and private, that follow TSA standards for the purchase and/or distribution of such products.

As noted in the WCVB report, this key event could take place "within months." Another notable takeaway from the newscast was that Implant's Sniffer machines could be in airports within months. During the recent past, the majority of reporting and speculation has keyed in on the potential of Implant taking advantage of the December 3rd deadline that the TSA has put in place to have all air cargo destined for the USA on passenger airlines screened for explosives. The quick "clear down" for the QS machines - "clear down" is the time it takes a machine to reset itself before testing another subject - makes Implant's technology a superior choice over the current competition that takes minutes to complete a cycle. For the Quantum Sniffers, that process take seconds.

The fact that this report keyed in on the potential for Implant Sciences to have its machines inside airports in the near future should not go unnoticed. The potential for Implant to land significant business in the cargo screening niche is a worthy reason enough to believe that huge growth can soon be underway, but if Implant can also make a quick move into passenger screening as well, then business could "boom" for this small company that has recently attracted top talent from various competitors - and the TSA itself.

To quote the broadcast, Implant's Sniffers "could be placed in US airports within the next several months."

Combine that quote with the enthusiastic words of the employee that noted that the production line will soon be "bursting at the seems," and one notices a climate of enthusiasm that exists throughout the company, and not just at the desk where the press releases are written.

While this report was local, should Implant receive that TSA approval - now an imminent potential catalyst - expect coverage to be a bit more widespread.

In other news on Monday, Implant announced that it has signed its first new distributor in Switzerland. Already making headway in other areas of the world, Implant could be positioned to move into the global mainstream of homeland security.

This is one to watch heavily over the coming weeks. For Implant Sciences the pending TSA approval is as key a catalyst for the company's as Amarin Corporation's (NASDAQ:AMRN) pending FDA approval.

It's that big a deal.

Disclosure: I am long OTCQB:IMSC, AMRN.

Source: Key Media Coverage Sparks Interest In Implant Sciences