Online Gamers Discontent Over The9's World of Warcraft (NCTY)

| About: The9 Limited (NCTY)

Key extracts from article at Interfax China:

Chinese players are furious about the recent large-scale collapse of online game 'World of Warcraft (WoW)', and threatened to stop playing the game in a mass protest. Published by Blizzard Entertainment the game is operated in China by NASDAQ listed The9 Limited (ticker: NCTY). The game is extremely popular in China, with hundreds of thousands of players. It is unclear whether the collapse points to a serious glitch that could affect the game worldwide- where it has millions of players.

The rising tide of discontent due to unsatisfactory game play and performance may lead to an exodus of Chinese players.

Large numbers of Chinese players have made complaints about their unsatisfactory WoW gaming experience - including disconnects, long time-lags and queues, which are posted on the Chinese WoW forum, and then deleted by the operator. Many gamers said that it usually took them more than 1 hours to log into the game and another half an hour to get the game list for the 'realm' they wished to enter - while the game begins charges users as soon as they log into the game. This means players need to sometimes pay for up two hours game time before they begin playing.

The firm's rapid growth depends heavily on its commercial operation of the WoW online game title in China, which it commenced in June 2005.

NCTY 1-Yr Price Performance: