On Google's Lack Of Forward Guidance (GOOG)

Mar. 9.06 | About: Alphabet Inc. (GOOG)

Nearly all the investment pundits are blaming the recent decline in Google's (GOOG) share price on the company’s refusal to provide guidance. But one very familiar name isn't. Today, former Wall Street internet analyst Henry Blodget writes: "I respect Google for not giving guidance, a practice that often reduces analysts to Excel-savvy parrots." I find myself in complete agreement with the author of Internet Outsider.

I would love to write about other things besides Google, because it’s not a topic that’s likely to help you make a good investment. However, I just couldn’t let the Google gaffe pass without writing anything about it. (Many of you already know the facts -- for those that don’t know the facts, just Google “Google gaffe