Raw Data Report: Nike

| About: Nike Inc. (NKE)

Each day, Wall Street is flooded with stock research offering a multitude of conflicting investment opinions. As such, TickerMine is not in the business of providing more opinions. We believe that accurate raw data points can be used to gain insight in to the stock selection and valuation process.

Following is a report regarding Nike (NYSE:NKE) sales:

Nike is the Best Selling Shoe Brand for Teenagers, Foot Locker (NYSE:FL) Store Survey says

Analysts are giving conflicting reports on Foot Locker, Inc., the retailer of running shoes and sports apparel. Tickermine surveyed 31 stores nationwide and asked what were the three current best-selling items, which is the best selling shoe brand for teenagers, is business up or down from last month, who are the most frequent buyers and what does the average customer spend on shoes?

Our poll showed that Nike Shoes and apparel, as well as other apparel, were the top three selling items. The best-selling shoe brand for teenagers was Nike (21 respondents or 68%), followed by Adidas (3 or 10%), Converse and then Pastry (2 or 6%). The following each received one vote or 3% each: K Swiss, Puma and Sketchers. 14 respondents felt that business had increased from last month (45%) and the same amount felt that business was the same.

Only three or 10% saw business declining from a month ago. Our survey found that their most frequent buyers were either joggers buying running shoes or teens buying tennis shoes. As for the amount spent at Foot Locker stores; 42 % said their customers spent between $51 - $75. 35% stated $76 - $100, 13% said between $101 - $125 and 10% felt their customers spent less than $50.

Sales Are Up and Nike Shoes are Among the Most Popular Items Purchased At Dicks Sporting Goods (NYSE:DKS)

Tickermine surveyed thirty-one Dick's Sporting Goods stores across the county to ask about their top selling items, their customers and how business is faring compared to last year. The top three selling items were reported as Nike shoes, fishing gear and golf supplies, with twenty-one stores (68%) reporting Nike shoes as their best selling shoe brand for its teenage customers.

Other top selling shoe brands included, Adidas at four stores (13%) and Timberland at two (6%). Fourteen stores (45%) stated that business has increased from last year whereas six (19%) reported that it had decreased.

With regard to sale items, twenty stores (65%) reported a busy month of sales with twenty-one stores (68%) stating that the average amount spent by any one customer is between $40-$80. Five stores (16%) reported their average customer spends over $120. When asked who are their most frequent buyers and what do they buy, a range of responses were received. Men buy golf and other sporting goods, women purchase clothing, and teenagers buy shoes.

Nike Top Seller at The Finish Line (NASDAQ:FINL); Excess Inventory Increasing

Nike shoes are selling well but excess inventory is increasing according to a recent survey of The Finish Line sports retailers throughout the country. At the 34 stores consulted, Nike Shox, Nike Air Jordans, and football and basketball jerseys were named as the top selling items.

Nikes were also named as the top selling brand of shoes by 82% of respondents. Adidas and New Balance were cited as top sellers by 6% of stores each, while Converse and Puma were mentioned by 3% of stores each. According to respondents, the average customer spends $106 on a pair of shoes. The average amount spent was reported to be $50 - $75 at 35% of stores, $76 - $100 at 32% of stores, $101 - $125 at 9% of stores, $126 - $150 at 15% of stores, and $250 - $300 at 9% of stores.

When asked what the most requested items were that the store doesn't carry, 6% of stores said that customers request Nike Air Force One shoes and another 6% receives requests for Air Jordans for toddlers. Dr Scholls is the most frequently requested brand not carried according to 6% of stores. Fifty percent responded that they don't receive specific requests outside of brands and items carried.

Despite increased traffic at 50% of stores surveyed, excess inventory and sale items are greater than last month. Another 35% of stores reported that traffic is about the same as over the past few weeks, while only 15% said that traffic seemed down. Fifty-nine percent of stores consulted reported that there seems to be more merchandise on sale versus last month, 29% reported the amount of sale merchandise has remained the same, and 12% reported less merchandise on sale. Teenagers buying shoes and runners were cited as the most frequent buyers at The Finish Line stores.