Seeking Alpha

We've just released a Stock Search plug-in for Firefox. With one click, you can add Stock Search to your browser, allowing you to search by stock ticker and see what our community of money managers and other authors are saying on a stock before you buy or sell.

To load the plug-in, click the words "Seeking Alpha" on the Seeking Alpha Firefox plug-in page. (You have to do this from Firefox itself.) The plug-in loads in about 3 seconds, with nothing else to do.

To then search by stock or ETF directly from Firefox, click on the logo on the left of the search box to get the drop-down menu of search options, select SA, and type in a stock ticker and press "return". You'll get all the content on that stock from Seeking Alpha.

We think this will be a useful tool for money managers, other financial professionals and serious retail investors.

If you haven't yet discovered the joys of tabbed browsing and search plug-ins, you can download Firefox for free.

We'd be delighted to receive feedback in the comments below.

Source: Stock Search Plug-In for Firefox