Oculus Devises China Marketing Plan for Wound Healing Product

| About: Oculus Innovative (OCLS)

Oculus Innovative Sciences (NSDQ: OCLS) of Petaluma, CA has firmed up a plan for commercializing its Microcyn products in China, following SFDA approval two months ago. Oculus’ China distribution partner, China Bao Tai, will distribute samples of Microcyn to key opinion leaders, asking them to test the clinical effect of the product by conducting post-approval trials. The data will be used to help secure reimbursement from insurance institutions.

In China, Microcyn was approved for use in healing acute and chronic wounds, including ulcers, cuts, contusions and burns. This is a more comprehensive indication than Microsyn enjoys in the US, where the product is approved as a medical device for wound dressing.

Microcyn is an oxygenated water product with a disinfectant quality, giving the externally applied product the ability to kill spores, fungi and viruses. The product provides a moist environment to promote healing while decreasing harmful microorganisms.

In the US, Oculus recently completed a Phase II trial of Microcyn in patients with diabetic foot ulcers, showing Oculus was more effective against these ulcers than a combination of antibiotics and saline solution, the current standard of care. Microcyn cured the diabetic foot ulcers in 93% of the patients, while the antibiotic/saline combination was effective in 56% of the cases.

Oculus points out that avoiding antibiotics is an effective way to combat the rise antibiotic-resistant diseases.

China Bao Tai will distribute Microcyn products through two subsidiaries: Sinopharma will handle sales to hospitals and institutions, while Lianhua Supermarket Holdings Co., Ltd will supply the product to supermarkets.

Oculus cites statistics showing that China has 100 million people over the age of 65, a full 7.7% of the population. Its rate of diabetes 2 is as high as that of the US.

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