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We've been hoping that Eliot Spitzer would provide us some more buying opportunities by baselessly shaking down some new company. We've made good money off of the AIG opportunity, but I missed the free money offered by Renaissance Re.

We would have never considered H&R Block (HRB), except that Eliot's $30-60M shakedown attempts have failed so far, so now he's filed a big fat $250M suit. It's highly likely that he has nothing other than power (e.g. a factual basis for a winning case), since he hasn't won anything in court. HRB doesn't look so hot anyhow, and the Spitzer shakedown seems to have only provided a temporary $2 opportunity, but there will probably be some more coming.

If he does manage to cause a nice gap, we may take it after looking into them more thoroughly. Thanks Eliot!

[Disclosure: Currently Long AIG and RNRPRC]

HRB 1-yr chart: