Qualcomm's Inflection Point

May.29.08 | About: Qualcomm Inc. (QCOM)

Eric Savitz (Barrons' West Coast Editor) seems startled by Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM)'s recent share price strength...

"... shares are up sharply today, perhaps getting a boost from..."

"Perhaps"...? Hmm, ya' think? Stock prices move, and (only) then do journalists seek explanations and justifications. Meanwhile, readers and investors of this blog were prepared for this price move... and with more upside price action yet to occur. Please note the crucial difference between investors and journalists: Investors invest in advance of price moves, whereas journalists explain price moves retrospectively. (Well, attempt to explain.)

Eric Savitz's 'analysis' does include one crucial item, although he fails to note it as such:

"[Lehman chip analyst Tim] Luke’s note today is just the latest of several bullish reports on the company that have been published in the last few days."

Apply the notion of critical mass, and you have an inflection point, a moment when things change. Such as a stock that has traded sideways for a long while and thus lulls possible investors into inaction.

But not you.

Full Disclosure: Long Qualcomm.