Royale Energy: Rising Oil Prices Good for Natural Gas Stocks

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Since the beginning of this year, the price for this fuel source has increased by almost 50% — though compared to crude oil, it’s positively cost-efficient and currently accounts for around 40% of the electricity generated in the U.S.

In December of 2005, natural gas reached its peak price of $15 per million BTUs (British Thermal Units). This was due to many factors including unusually high temperatures over that summer and the devastating hurricanes that marked that year.

New record highs for natural gas prices?

Prices are currently around $12 per million BTUs. But this year, a cold winter has already had an impact – reducing inventories by 16% compared to last year.

Adding to this, less LNG (liquid natural gas) imports are anticipated and NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, is predicting two to five major hurricanes with Categories of 3 or above this season.

This could mean major profits for investors and there are plenty of potential winning natural gas stocks out there.

My favorite is a small San-Diego-based supplier that is having a banner year…

My natural gas stock choice is Royale Energy Inc.

Royale Energy Inc. (NASDAQ:ROYL) is experiencing 52-week highs daily but it still has a long way to go.

Operating as an independent oil and natural gas producer in the U.S., the company owns, operates and leases oil and gas interests in California, Texas, Utah, Oklahoma and Louisiana. It also engages in the developmental and exploratory drilling.

Don’t wait too long to make your move…

In March, the company announced that its oil and gas reserves were up 28% and rumor has it that they are expecting to confirm a significant reserve discovery in the next few weeks.

Happily, Royale Energy is no fly-by-night operation — it’s been around since 1986.

With a market cap of about $59 million this company has the potential — and the room — to grow.

In 2006, Fortune magazine named it one of America’s 100 top fastest growing small public companies – looks like they were right on target.

The stock price has already seen a 69% increase this year so you don’t want to wait to jump onboard for maximum gains.

If your looking for a winning natural gas stock, I recommend you buy shares of Royale Energy Inc.  at or under $9. I’m looking for (at least) a 20% increase in price by January 2009.

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