Apple: No 3G iPhone at the WWDC?

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Everyone on the planet is expecting Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) Steve Jobs to take the podium  as the keynote speaker of the WWDC on June 9th and introduce to the world the much anticipated 3G iPhone. I was listening to Andy Ihnatko on the Apple Phone Show, where he was commenting on 3G iPhone feature rumors. It got me thinking. What if Jobs doesn’t introduce it at WWDC?

There’s a lot of evidence that people have latched onto, convincing evidence, that leads them to a June 9th introduction, like the AT&T (NYSE:T) memo forbidding employees from taking vacation.

Here’s the scenario that Andy painted…

  • Gene Munster says 3G iPhone in 60 days, but quickly retracts that statement.
  • Doesn’t make sense to release iPhone before other key products, will drown out messages that Apple wants to get out, such as their success with iMacs, converts, Vista failings, etc.
  • WWDC was meant to introduce the new iPhone 2.0 OS, the SDK, App Store and initial Apps
  • The iPhone is a consumer device, this is not the right venue

Andy goes on to say that it is much more likely that Apple will have a dedicated media event later in the month, perhaps even the following week. I think Andy is on to something. How should investors prepare for this scenario? That’s a question I’ll be working out with members of my investor group.

Disclosure: Author holds a long position in AAPL