Commodity Chart Of The Day: Natural Gas

Includes: GAZ, NAGS, UNG, UNL
by: Matthew Bradbard

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After much controversy by the naysayers, we got the correction I was calling for. Futures in natural gas were down 50 cents in the last 3 weeks, retracing roughly 15%. As you can see from the chart, we've completed a 50% Fibonacci retracement.

Prices are approaching oversold levels, and we could go either way from here. My suggestion is lighten up on shorts or, at a minimum, tighten stops. Prices above the 8 day MA; the orange line would likely conclude that the correction is over. While a break of the 100 day MA; the light blue line would suggest a trade closer to $2.50 on this contract. I would not be establishing fresh positions in either direction.

For new entries, I would wait for a break above or below the aforementioned MAs. You can see the daily chart above, but take a look at the longer term perspective on the weekly chart. We've closed lower for the last three weeks, and the chart is ugly. A 50% retracement on the weekly chart puts prices another 10% lower from current pricing, so don't think you can buy and fall asleep at the wheel, because we are not out of the woods yet.

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