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For momentum investors out there (both on the long and short side), below we provide the best and worst performing Russell 3,000 stocks year to date.  The list of winners is primarily made up of stocks in the Energy sector.  Clayton Williams Energy (NYSE:CWEI) is up the most at 245%, followed by Patriot Coal (PCX), Finish Line (NASDAQ:FINL) and Alpha Natural Resources (ANR).  Currently, 23 stocks in the Russell 3,000 are up more than 100% this year, and two-thirds of stocks in the index are down on the year.  The list of losers this year is mostly dominated by Financials, but a Health Care name tops the list- KERX.  Ambac (ABK) and Thornburg Mortgage  (TMA)have been the second and third worst performers in the index this year. 

For those that think the current trend of Energy outperforming and Financials underperforming will continue, these lists could remain similar only with the performance of the winners getting better and the performance of the losers getting worse.  For those that think the trend will reverse in the second half of the year, these names could fall off the best and worst lists quickly.