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Momentum investors look to play the continued strength in the names that have done extremely well in the current market environment.  Bears also look to go short those names that continue to perform poorly day in and day out. 

With that in mind, below we highlight the 25 stocks in the Russell 1,000 that are closest to their 52-week highs and the 25 that are closest to their lows.  As shown, SM, CHK and MOS are the closest to their 52-week highs, although every stock on the list is pretty much right at new highs.  Other notables on the 52-week high list include COP, ATVI, CNX and MON. 

On the list of losers, 3 stocks in the index closed out the day yesterday at their 52-week lows -- ENH, CCL and HBAN.  Surprisingly, there are lots of Consumer Staples on the 52-week low list such as BDK, CCE, PBG, DLM and RAI.

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