Cimarex Energy Eyed by Icahn (XEC)

Includes: COP, MRO, XEC
by: Kurt Wulff

Strong reserve additions and lower debt for buy-recommended Cimarex Energy Co. (XEC) strengthen the comparison of our ongoing estimate of present value with a simplified correlation of 30 producers.

Apparently investor Carl Icahn has purchased 1.4 million shares of Cimarex for $60 million according to press reports of disclosures as of year-end. Occasionally a past client, Mr. Icahn has amassed a fortune reputed to be $7 billion by investing and sometimes taking an active role in undervalued stocks including Phillips Petroleum, predecessor of buy-recommended ConocoPhillips (COP), and USX, when it owned buy-recommended Marathon Oil (MRO), in our experience.

Our analysis confirms undervaluation as we see it in Cimarex. We have longtime confidence in the capability and integrity of XEC Chairman Mick Merelli whom we believe wants the best for Cimarex and its stockholders.

Original Publication Date: 02/16/06

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