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As we noted last week, short interest on the NYSE increased another 7% since the end of May.  Along with a chart of the shoot up in short interest since the S&P 500 hits its peak last year, we also provide a list of the 25 stocks on the NYSE with the highest short interest as a percentage of float. 

As shown, FirstFed Financial ((FED) -- nice ticker) currently has the highest short interest at 80% of float.  The stock is down 71% this year, so the shorts are clearly winning that battle. 

There are some stocks on the list where the shorts are losing, however.  PZN and TLB both have more than 50% of their float sold short, but they're up slightly on the year.  Big Lots (NYSE:BIG) has 45% of its float sold short, but it is up more than 100% in 2008.  If they can't get BIG to go down, it looks like the shorts are going to die trying.

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Source: NYSE Stocks with the Highest Short Interest as a % of Float