RyanAir Provides Unorthodox Lesson in Internet Marketing

| About: Ryanair Holdings (RYAAY)

Here's a case study b-school students may be studying next year in some kind of internet marketing class. Exhibit A: JC Penney (NYSE:JCP). Apparently its ad agency made some YouTube video and it implied some kids might have had sex, which caused them to freak the heck out and they demanded the videos get taken off the internet. Not only is this uncool, but it's hella naive. NewTeeVee has the full rundown.

Exhibit B: Outspoken Irish carrier RyanAir (NASDAQ:RYAAY). It seems the company's famously blunt CEO Michael O'Leary made some comments about premium, transatlantic travel, referring to first class as the 'beds and blow jobs' section.  Shocking, right? How dare he. Except that Brilliant RyanAir actually put out a press release touting the fact that its video hit #1 on YouTube (in the travel section).

From the release:

"Since then it is rumoured that the ‘Beds and Blow jobs’ debate comes up at most management meetings and everyone is cock sure, it would grow from strength to strength.

We are surprised that the translator did not find any German word for ‘Blowjobs’. Ryanair’s Linguistic Department will offer one free return flight to a destination of your choice, for travel from October to December (including taxes and charges) to the first Ryanair passenger translating ‘Blowjobs’ into German language."


Brilliant. And here's the video: