Oculus to Use Bayer for Approval of Wound Treatment in Animals

Includes: BYERF, OCLS
by: ChinaBio Today

Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc. (NSDQ: OCLS) has engaged Bayer (Sichuan) to obtain approval for the use of its Microcyn wound healing/anti-infective product in pets and livestock.

Bayer AG (OTC:BYERF) of Germany formed Bayer (Sichuan) as a 70-30 joint venture with a local China company. The JV, which was established in 1997, produces animal health products from its Chendu factory.

Occulus received SFDA approval to use the product to treat burns and chronic wounds in humans earlier this year. In the US, Microcyn is approved as a wound dressing, and it has completed a Phase II trial for diabetic foot ulcers. To market the product in China for human use, Occulus has out-licensed Microcyn to China Bao Tai. Bayer (Sichuan) will have first negotiation rights on marketing Microcyn for animal use in China.

Microcyn is an oxygenated water product with a disinfectant quality, giving the externally applied product the ability to kill spores, fungi and viruses. The product provides a moist environment to promote healing while decreasing harmful microorganisms.

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