National Semi: Now Touting Solar Stuff

| About: National Semiconductor (NSM)

Hardly a day goes by without another tech name becoming a solar technology inventor. Yesterday’s debut was from National Semiconductor (NSM), a long-time maker of humble analog circuitry sold into numerous electronic devices. The company put out a press release this afternoon about a new technology to aid solar panel design, and notes that the stock was up 36 cents, almost 2%, after hours, at $20.90, after National’s chief executive, Brian Halla, appeared on CNBC after market close.

National’s “SolarMagic,” as the part is called, is not itself a solar panel technology, rather its a chip that can, as National puts it, recoup 50% of energy that’s typically lost in solar cells when dust or shadow falls across the panel. There’s not a lot of detail on the press release about how this magical device works, but I assume we’ll be hearing much more about it.