Renhuang Wins “Key Laboratory” Designation

| About: China Botanic (CBP)

Renhuang Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTC:RHGP) reported that its wholly-owned Traditional Chinese Medicine Extract and Innovation Laboratory was recognized as a “Key Laboratory” by the Science and Technology Institute of Heilongjiang. Renhuang’s laboratory was one of only seven labs in Heilongjiang to be given the recognition.

The government-supported Science and Technology Institute promotes the development of technology companies and technologically advanced products.

According to Renhuang’s website, its R&D efforts include in-house R&D and collaborations with outside institutions and scientists. The lab employs 50 in-house researchers and engineers working in the following functions, either independently or in collaboration with external institutions:

• Comprehensive testing
• New product development
• Nutraceutical and healthy food development
• Standard extracts development
• Biopharmaceutical products development
• Mid-scale testing
• Diagnostic reagent development
• Product approval submission

Earlier this year, Renhuang announced a major breakthrough when it successfully produced lyophilized syringin powder, a freeze-dried, crystalline form of Acanthopanax, a Ginseng that is the source for products that provide more than half of Renhuang’s revenues. Renhuang expects to market lyophilized syringin powder for depression and fatigue, following clinical trials. Renhuang expects the new product will be effective without causing the negative side effects of synthetic anti-depressants.

Founded in 1996, Renhuang Pharmaceuticals, Inc. produces western, traditional Chinese medicines, and branded pharmaceuticals from its GMP-certified facilities in China. Its GMP-certified manufacturing facilities are capable of producing as many as 200 different types of pharmaceuticals. Renhuang also distributes raw materials and finished pharmaceutical products through its distribution channels throughout China, including third party distributors. Renhuang’s distribution network includes more than 3,000 sales representatives in 70 sales centers across 24 districts, covering over 50% of greater China.

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