Not Now For The Knot (KNOT)

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The Knot Inc. (KNOT) provides services to the wedding market, mostly online. The stock has run like a scalded dog from last summer's low of under $6 to $18 recently.

The company now trades for over eight times sales.

A look at 2005 revenue by quarter does not reveal much that could be viewed as spectacular. Revenue in Q1 was $11.9 million, Q2 was $13.6 million, Q3 was $13.3 million and Q4 was $12.8 million. According to the Motley Fool, The Knot earned $.06 a share in the December quarter which was 50% better than what Wall Street expected.

A look at the company 10-K shows that The Knot is being sued by a company called The issue is a patent violation claim. The amount being sought could be as high as $13 million.

Another issue that investors should consider is that if the publishing empire Conde Nast, which dominates the wedding magazine business, even decides to build a large online business in this market, things could get tough over at The Knot.

This is a good business with a clever approach to a large market--getting married. But, the stock is too high now, given the risks.

KNOT 1-yr Chart

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