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Below we highlight the 30 stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  For each one, we include its price, year-to-date change, consensus analyst price target, and the current distance from that price target.

The average stock in the Dow has a price target that is 32.47% above its current price.  AIG's price target is the furthest above current levels at 92%, followed by BAC, C, GM, BA and MSFT.  JNJ, CVX, WMT and IBM have price targets that are the closest to current levels. 

As shown by the year-to-date changes for each Dow stock, the ones down the most have price targets the furthest above current levels and vice versa for the ones that have held up the best this year.  The fact that the price target closest to the actual stock price is still looking for an 11% gain (NYSE:JNJ) highlights the bullish pervasiveness that stays on the street.  Clearly analysts haven't been able to keep up with falling stock prices.   

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