Web hoster Interland reports declining revenue but positive EBITDA

Dec.28.04 | About: Web.com Group, (WEB)

Interland, which provides Web hosting and services to small and medium businesses, reported results after close this evening for the quarter ending November 30th. The good news:

EBITDA was positive, at $2 million, and is expected to be positive
again next quarter. The bad news: revenues were down year over year, at
$23.1 million, versus $26.7 million last year. And the company booked
an operating loss of $3.8 million.

The Web hosting business is brutally competitive, and prices
continue to fall. Interland said that its average monthly recurring
charge billed to customers was $77 thousand lower than it was the
previous quarter. Its financial results improved because the company
has cut costs.

Conference call is Tuesday 8 AM EST. One year chart below. Press release here.