's MainStreet: Editor Out, Focus Shifting

| About: TheStreet, Inc. (TST)

It looks like, which I dubbed "the most unintentionally hilarious personal-finance website of all time" when it launched back in February, isn't off to such a hot start.

Founding editor in chief Caroline Waxler is leaving the site, a spin-off of (TSCM) that blends money-management advice with celebrity news in a sometimes awkward manner. Reached by phone, Waxler, who may stay on in some contributing capacity, confirmed the move but declined to comment further.

While MainStreet's hybrid focus makes direct comparisons to other personal finance sites difficult, it's safe to say traffic has been modest. The site, which received a Webby award nomination for best business blog, drew 300,000 visitors in June, according to, versus 2.5 million for Lately, it has shown signs of shifting away from celebrity-inspired stories and towards more meat-and-potatoes wealth coverage -- a shift that's likely to accelerate once Waxler departs.