Why Are CEOs So Unhappy With the Economy?

by: Barry Ritholtz

The whiny CEO's of America are so wrapped up in their mental recession, they don't see how great the economy is: CEOs Portray a Dismal Forecast for the U.S. (Buncha bitches!)

Here's what these damned Chief Executive Kvetchers had to say:

"With the economy overtaking Iraq as one of the main issues this election year, Chief Executive magazine conducted a survey among CEOs between June 13 and June 27 in an effort to gauge CEO sentiment on the direction of the U.S. economy.

CEOs were asked which policy position they think the U.S. should take to increase or maintain American competitiveness as well as questions on which countries will generate the highest number of jobs and where the top paying jobs will be in the future. 

An overwhelming majority of American CEOs believe that in order to create the highest paying jobs and maintain the U.S.’ economic competitiveness, the government needs to reduce taxes and regulation, privatize education and remove restrictions on trade . . .

Frustrated with the current economic policy, another CEO said, “The formula for international competitiveness is quite simple: minimal trade restrictions, predictable regulation, competitive tax rates, strong educational system, trade balance (not deficit), predictable currency, low interest rates, responsible fiscal spending and low corruption. Unfortunately, under the Bush administration, we have failed on many of the factors, with corruption and macroeconomic incompetence being the most insidious.”

-CEOs Portray a Dismal Forecast for the U.S.  (emphasis added)   


Can you imagine these ungrateful bastards actually complaining about the economic stewardship of this great nation? Geez, some people are never happy.

Hey! Would someone get please have Phil Gramm or Amity Shlaes give these whiny bee-yatches a call and straighten their asses out?

Thank you . . .

Sample CEO questions and charts:

Which country will be the greatest job creator in the future?

CEO Answer: China

Which country will create the most high paying jobs?

CEO Answer: USA


CEOs Portray a Dismal Forecast for the U.S.   
Chief Executive Magazine,  7/11/2008